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February 09, 2019

I've had my blog for just a little over 4 years now, and I feel like I've never fully introduced myself. Weird, right? I've posted snippets and glimpses of what I enjoy through my posts and reviews, which I hope has helped build a vision of my interests, and the type of things that I'm drawn to. However, I've never really said: 'Hi.. Hello, This is who I am, and I'm the writer behind the blog.' Nor, have I posted pictures of myself ( if I have they were soon deleted ), because it's honestly quite terrifying to present yourself to an audience whether online or irl, especially when you're not used to it. This may sound strange, especially as I've been blogging for 4 years, but throughout my time writing, my blog was never about me, and rather, just the things that I enjoy.

Last year, I had reached over 100,000 global views, which is still quite fresh in my mind, and such an achievement to accomplish. My blog has gone through many changes from multiple URLs to the layouts, and lot's of experimentation in between. I had re-launched my website last year, in hopes of creating and sharing more frequent content, and being less fearful of wanting to share more! This is almost like entering a room 4 years too late because the community has grown tremendously, since I even began to dip my toes into what blogging even was.

So... Welcome if you're new here, or a frequent visitor. Hi I'm Katria.

I've always lived in London, and love exploring my city – it's one of my favourite things to do, and I can spend hours roaming around. I can spend hours roaming around in general, I love adventuring, and finding out where the twists and turns of streets will take me. I'm a writer. I've always been a writer, and I feel that my best form of expression is probably through written language. I like all forms of art and design: contemporary, classic, fashion, make-up, it doesn't matter what it is, I'm always intrigued and like to develop a perspective on art work.

I have an obsession with skincare, I love sharing and receiving tips. I can spend hours researching into beauty products. My weakness is entering the skincare section of a store, because I'll be there for a very long time. Apologies to those of you, who have had to suffer with this ordeal whilst shopping with me.

I'm currently freelancing, but, honestly, still trying to figure a lot of things out. Let's be real, who isn't? My favourite food is probably Japanese, and I'm thinking about ordering sushi as we speak!

Only a small intro, but hopefully you'll catch more glimpses of me as I try to step out of my comfort zone. Please leave me a comment or links of blog posts, because I'd love to connect 🖤

P.S Some of you that know me personally, will know this staircase.
Yes, I took pics in front of it ;)

Image taken by Emma.

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