November 23, 2014
When it comes to interior, I like to indulge myself in a colour palette of glorious butter cream, cool white, glimmering silver, and frosty greys. Dim lighting, faux fur, tons of blankets and pillows are an absolute must when creating a cosy, warm and snug nest. Recently, however I've been loving a pop of vibrant colour, unusual patterns, and unique design.

Personally I'm not a fan of yellow, but this striking fireplace produces a spot of sunshine indoors. The monochrome washed walls in the image on the left, are none other than an effortless, yet sharp look. Adding a touch of gold, bright pink or orange would bring this hallway to life!

Above are some pieces I have found from stores such as H&M and Bloomingdales, which may help inspire you creating that one statement centrepiece in your desired room. Don't be afraid to experiment, you can always find some cheap buys at thrift stores and online. 

These last two images just ooze with sophistication. Mixtures of numerous textures are seen from wooden chairs, glass table tops, transparent aspects, and silky metallics. Both full of class, yet a lively and creative conception using natural sources such as rich rosy flowers.  

What statement piece would you add to a room? 

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