November 30, 2014
Nothing beats Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé during the festive month, but if you fancy a change from the standard jingles, and prefer acoustic tunes then I would definitely urge you to check out a Seattle based duo called Handsome and Gretyl.

This week I had planned a playlist consisting of 25 songs to celebrate this season, however after coming across this unknown double act with an upbeat folk vibe, I thought they would make a wonderful adjustment to the standard and overplayed songs out there. Whilst you're baking toasty gingerbread houses, and glamorizing your crisp tree you can listen to their album here. My favourite songs from their EP are 'Joy To The World' and 'Happy Christmas.' Tell me what you think of their music, and remember to stay merry! 

What are your favourite Christmas Songs?

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