June 21, 2015


Tuesday morning I had woken up to see that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award. When I had first began blogging (which was not long ago at all), I had spotted the award floating around, but never investigated fully to see what it was. Liebster translated from German to English means dear, dearest, darling, beloved, sweetheart etc, and the award itself is used to discover and interact with more blogs, as well as learn about the blogger who has been awarded. Thank you very much Emily from emilytrinh.com for nominating me! 

June 11, 2015


I constantly find myself torn between maintaining a minimalistic style, a wardrobe filled with tones of whites, blacks and greys or clashing pattern and colour. I try to opt between the both and when I came across this floral scarf, I became indecisive but decided to buy it anyway! ( Being a woman during a shopping trip can be so stressful sometimes. I'm definitely joking. I think ).

June 01, 2015


Competition and comparison; it's hard to remain calm when life can be so frequently demanding. Not to mention the on-going buzz of technology, social media, education, and work life. Isn't it time we took a rest, just for a teensy bit?

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