June 11, 2015

I constantly find myself torn between maintaining a minimalistic style, a wardrobe filled with tones of whites, blacks and greys or clashing pattern and colour. I try to opt between the both and when I came across this floral scarf, I became indecisive but decided to buy it anyway! ( Being a woman during a shopping trip can be so stressful sometimes. I'm definitely joking. I think ).

A glorious, and daring pattern for Summer, with a bright and airy aesthetic and posture. I have been constantly wearing this scarf with almost every outfit. It fits perfectly with cool shades. I recently styled this with an all black ensemble, composed with a leather jacket, and black faux suede ballet flats, combining masculine aspects and womanly sophistication. Definitely a piece for a casual outing, but could be dressed up if needed to. If you're packing for a beachy vacation, this may be an item to grab, and wear whilst you're strolling along a sandy shore during a blissful chilly evening.

What have you recently purchased?
*Picture and products featured above are mine.


  1. Love the scarf! I face the same dilemma :) I love seeing others wear bright cheery things, but my closet is full of neutrals hehe. You've inspired me to do some shopping tomorrow!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Thank you. Tell me about it! Go for it gurl, you've got nothing to lose. Thanks for the comment ♡♡

  2. I read this and thought you were writing about me! I am the same. One minute I'm throwing out all colours; the next I want them all back! I think it's good to accessories neutrals with bright things.

    1. Tell me about it Ellie! It's so hard to maintain a healthy style when you're so indecisive with colours. I couldn't agree more, I think it's gorgeous to have a neutral outfit and then a slight pop of colour somewhere, even if it's a bright nail polish. Thanks for your comment, I hope you have a wonderful day. ♡♡


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