September 17, 2015

Push aside Summer, Fall has finally arrived and of course you must know what that means - pumpkin spiced lattes, fashion week, gloomy weather, and layers upon layers of your favourite sweaters and fluffy socks. Fall is by far my favourite time of the year, when the leaves turn from ravishing shades of emerald, jade and fern to crisp auburn and burnt orange; it's almost as if I'm coming home and what better way to start off Autumn with a book haul. Grab yourself a hot drink, and let's begin.

I thought it was appropriate to write this post whilst on the tube during rush hour. I've had no other time to gather myself into a suitable position where I am able to write, so I find myself observing the frantic women applying their daily routine of make-up and men rushing through business documents and typing up a quick presentation brief at 8am. I'm definitely not complaining though, I'm currently interning at a PR company for LFW and it has been a dream come true. Fashion PR and marketing is an area in which I truly want to find myself in, and I cannot believe I've been given the opportunity to also work around Fashion Week. My aspirations are slowly being fulfilled and I can't wait for the future. If you would like to hear more about my experience, let me know and I'd love to write about it.

All three books above were gifted to me, which I'm extremely thankful for. I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember and I've started to visit the library as much as possible so I'm able to pick up reading material and still save my money. ( Make use of your local libraries!!! ) As much as I love an ordinary book, coffee table books are great for sourcing info, providing a light read and are perfect for some snazzy interior styling.

1. Fashion: The Ultimate Book of Costume and Style 
'From simple to sophisticated, elegant to excessive, what we wear says who we are. Fashion is the ultimate visual guide to everything ever worn.' From Ancient Egypt to Dior, teddy boys and ball gowns this publication is a large array of Fashion history. I had wanted this book for a very long time as a root of rewinding into the endless eras of clothing garments, where and when I needed to. It's a must have Fashion encyclopedia for those who want an informative and explanatory read. 

2. How to be Parisian 
Parisian culture and fashion is the entire core and base of my inspiration. If you've followed me from the very beginning of this blog and my tumblr, you'll most certainly know that I had named both web pages 'The Parisian Update,' due to my strong admiration. If you haven't come across this book already then you must be living in a void, because it has been and still is everywhere. How to be Parisian is a spirited take on the daily life of a modern French woman. I find it gorgeously written, highly humorous and who knew that recipes were included too! From tips on how to spend your weekend the Parisienne way, what to find in your wardrobe and how to handle events, what more could you ask for. C'est magnifique! 

3. Fafetch Curates Design
A very special thanks to Ayesha for contacting me and personally sending me this book, as well as Farfetch and their entire team. It was a pleasure to work with you! Farfetch is the online home of 300 of the world's best independent fashion boutiques. The Curates Design book is the second instalment out of three and gives readers the opportunity to explore the combined subjects of interior design, fashion and architecture. The book was launched on August 24th and I was very lucky to receive the publication before its release date. Found inside are photographs and articles with architectural masterpieces and design from the around globe such as Milan, Italy to Jakarta, Indonesia. I especially love the bus stops from Austria and the ' My Favourite Hotels,' chapter, where fashion designers and artists discuss their most desired establishments. If you enjoy a combination of construction and interior design, you'll love this book. You can purchase it here

What are some books that you're currently reading or have recently purchased?  
*Pictures and products featured above are mine.


  1. I really want to read How to be Parisian now! :) x

    1. You should! It's a lovely book.
      Thanks for the comment ♡


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