October 30, 2015

Good afternoon, I hope you're all well. Today I wanted to pop by with a quick post and share some lovely inspiration with you. ( I have made a similar post which you can read here ). From dashes of shimmering sparkle, fur and home décor, I have been immersed in it all. Hopefully, this will set the mood of a chic, whimsical, yet luxurious sentiment and provide you with some gorgeously creative ideas of your own. Take a look at what I've been inspired by lately, down below.

Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2015 Couture. Perfect outfit for Halloween? I think so. I definitely want to be channelling this composition sometime soon. 

Shades of navy blue and powdery pinks have been on my agenda for a while now, I feel as if both colours can be easily styled into minimal outfits without appearing overdone or too overpowering, yet still remain uncomplicated and clean. After Fashion Week, I'm more than certain that pale pink has been confirmed as the colour of Spring/Summer 2016.Who's excited? I am, I am!

What are you currently inspired by?

*Pictures above are not mine and were found on my Tumblr which you can follow and view here.


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    1. I hope so too, I love shades of pink! Thank you for your comment ♡


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