November 19, 2017


I've never really thought much of fragrance collections that popular high street clothing stores decide to launch, but when a colleague of mine had suggested to check out the perfumes at Zara after she had purchased one, I did exactly that. I came across 'Oriental', a subtle and delicate fragrance with the top notes of rose and freesia, middle notes, cedar and sandalwood, and the base notes vanilla and caramel. Both myself and my colleague were discussing how expensive fragrances are, and she had insisted that she had purchased one from Zara to specifically use for work, which I had thought was such a clever idea. Instead of reaching for my very expensive Viktor & Rolf on a day to day basis, I now have a gorgeous affordable product that I can use religiously and not feel bad for using. 

September 24, 2017


As an aid to help me clean up my skin, remove a few impurities and mainly tackle my problem with blackheads I was on the search for a good, thorough yet sensitive clay mask. I definitely wasn't on the lookout for anything too harsh such as the likes of those peel off masks, after hearing how bad they actually are for your skin. I began to browse on Etsy as I wanted to buy a product that wasn't mainstream and also put my money toward a smaller and more independent company. I came across Aromawakening founded by Gráinne Nash, who produces all of her products by hand with natural ingredients. Nash's products are cruelty free, vegan and packed in eco recyclable packaging, so I was pretty much sold already. I had spotted the Green Tea & Green Clay Mask which had plenty of reviews from very pleased customers, so I decided to give it a go. 

August 18, 2017


Hello, hello. I hope you're all having a prosperous Friday, and are excited for the weekend. Its raining outside and I'm dreaming of being somewhere sunny, on a beach, far far away. August is a celebration of my birthday month, and I've been finding myself re-evaluating where I would like to put my efforts in my everyday life.

I've definitely been exploring various routes in terms of..well.. everything, to be very honest. From my clothing style, to how I shop, seeking new content, new inspiration, and not being fearful of trying new things, which has been really beneficial for me lately. I feel that a lot of changes have been occurring these past few months, which is never a bad thing, it's extremely interesting to see how life is unfolding for me.

On another note, I know it's almost Autumn which I'm literally beyond excited for, but I'm obsessing over these Chloé Kerenn Shearling Slides ( pictured above ). I always seem to be getting into trends when they start to die out!

What's inspiring you this month? 

August 13, 2017


After trying the La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream ( read review here ), L'Oreal had kindly sent me their Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant blemish control cream. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, the Effaclar Duo has a moisturising sheer coverage in two shades, helping to reduce blemishes, marks and clogged pores. I have been using this cream for a very long time now, and I wanted to get to know the product well, before I wrote a review. Needless to say, this has become a staple in my make up collection and a product that I use almost every single day, either by itself or as a primer. It has become one of my all time favourite products to use. 

July 14, 2017


I had first heard about Farm Girl on Tanya Burr's blog, and thought what a wonderful looking place. I was popping down to Notting Hill to visit the Portobello Road Market and decided that I would go to Farm Girl for some lunch. I had visited the cafe on a very hot and sunny Tuesday and thankfully it hadn't been busy at all. After my visit I had read some reviews, and many had been discussing how they had waited almost up to an hour to have a seat!

June 27, 2017


With white-washed walls, dreamy sunsets, picturesque scenery and gorgeous beaches, Santorini is currently one of the top places I would like to travel to. Today I have partnered with Farfetch to create 3 outfits that you can wear either on this stunning Greek island, or on another beautiful beach vacation. I have previously partnered with Farfetch before ( read here ), and I'm super excited to be working with them again. All items of clothing have been linked and can be purchased from the Farfetch website. This post is inspired by their new online magazine called 'The Style Guide,' where you can find articles on the latest trends, fashion influencers, style destinations and more. Of course, I wanted to style my own looks in collaboration with their Santorini post which you can read here

May 22, 2017


Last year a friend of mine had suggested that I should watch 'The True Cost'; a documentary explaining the impact that fast fashion has on the world, it's consumers, and the workers in the industry. It hasn't been until recently that I have taken the time to watch the documentary, and as you may or may not know, I have been heavily following the fashion industry for a few years now and I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject.

May 01, 2017


As I write this I'm suffering with a cold once again, this has been quite typical lately, due to my current schedule. I've been really feeling the effects of exhaustion and because of this, I've been catching colds more frequently. Despite these circumstances, I've been heavily enjoying glimpses of the Spring sunshine as well as some new and old products. Read below what I have been loving during April.

March 04, 2017


Bonjour bumblebee! I've entered March listening to Gypsy and Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac way too much, over drinking cappuccinos, and smothering my face with organic oils before bedtime because my skin has been so dry recently. This morning I noticed blossom starting to form on thre trees outside, and for me this has been the first sign of Spring - for once, I'm quite excited for the days to get lighter. Tomorrow I plan to make an avocado cake but let's see what a lazy Sunday brings. 

Hope you're enjoying your weekend

February 19, 2017


I love books of all kinds, and this year I wanted to invest in more reading material, especially cookbooks. I really enjoy cooking and I'm usually online trying to find recipes that'll help me create something delicious. However, instead of turning to the internet I wanted to find a book that would be able to assist me when I want to experiment in the kitchen or simply find something new. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about Madeleine Shaw's Ready Steady Glow book, and decided to give it a go.

Shaw has collected a range of recipes that are quick and easy to make for those who live busy city lives. She also includes meal plans using her recipes, and a guide to the basic Yoga Positions. I have been heavily inspired by her Buddha Bowl Recipe and have made lots of variations using potatoes, tofu, walnuts, olives and more. I'm excited to try more of her recipes, especially the desserts!

What have you been cooking recently?
*Picture featured above is mine.

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