February 19, 2017

I love books of all kinds, and this year I wanted to invest in more reading material, especially cookbooks. I really enjoy cooking and I'm usually online trying to find recipes that'll help me create something delicious. However, instead of turning to the internet I wanted to find a book that would be able to assist me when I want to experiment in the kitchen or simply find something new. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about Madeleine Shaw's Ready Steady Glow book, and decided to give it a go.

Shaw has collected a range of recipes that are quick and easy to make for those who live busy city lives. She also includes meal plans using her recipes, and a guide to the basic Yoga Positions. I have been heavily inspired by her Buddha Bowl Recipe and have made lots of variations using potatoes, tofu, walnuts, olives and more. I'm excited to try more of her recipes, especially the desserts!

What have you been cooking recently?
*Picture featured above is mine.

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