May 01, 2017

As I write this I'm suffering with a cold once again, this has been quite typical lately, due to my current schedule. I've been really feeling the effects of exhaustion and because of this, I've been catching colds more frequently. Despite these circumstances, I've been heavily enjoying glimpses of the Spring sunshine as well as some new and old products. Read below what I have been loving during April.

MAC Velvet Teddy
One of MAC's bestselling products, and there's no need to question why. Velvet Teddy is a matte nude with slight brown undertones. It's formula is super creamy, long lasting, and glides easily on the lips. For me, this is such a classic colour and staple in my make-up collection, and I love wearing this on a day to day basis.

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Cleansing Water
Whilst on the hunt for the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water, I had come across Garnier's oil infused cleanser and decided to give this a go instead. I had been using the original Garnier cleansing water ( the one with the pink lid ), but found that with every use, my skin would feel stripped away of its oils, and I had ongoing trouble when removing my eye make up. The packaging states that the oil infused cleanser is suitable for dry and sensitive skin, is non greasy and also has the ability to remove even waterproof make up. I find this works an absolute treat. It removes all of my make up and leaves my face feeling fresh and nourished.

Arganic Beauty Oil
If you've read my post on the Arganic event ( read here ), you'll know that I kindly received a bottle of their 100ml Beauty Oil. This little gem had been sitting on my vanity table, unused and unloved because unfortunately, I had completely forgotten about it. I had run out of my moisturiser at the time, and reached for this instead of purchasing something new. I have been using this oil every single day, massaging this gently into my skin, and have noticed a massive difference! Not only has this worked wonders on my skin, but the brand itself is 100% organic and pure.

Burt's Bees Cotton Extract Facial Cleanser
The Burt's Bees Cotton Extract Facial Cleanser is of a very thick, creamy consistency. It has no fragrance, is hypo-allergenic, allergy tested and dermatologist- tested, therefore suited for the most sensitive skin and is extremely gentle. This is a product that I always forget about and soon rediscover, reminding myself how great this works for me. When I'm bothered, I like to double cleanse my face using the Garnier Micellar Water first and then finishing off with the Burt's Bee Cotton Extract Facial Cleanser. This always leaves my skin feeling baby soft, and looking hydrated, and I adore that its not scented.

Not only have I been loving the above products, I've been really enjoying the simple things. During April my Mother had made a vegan banana cake using coconut flour and it was absolutely delicious. I've also been continuously flipping through Vogue's May Issue, also featured above with cover girl Amber Valletta, and have been taking lots of inspiration with the colour palette, wellness and beauty articles from this issue. I'm excited to see what Edward Enninful has in store for the future of British Vogue now he's been appointed Editor-In-Chief!

I hope you're having a glorious start to May. Let me know below what you've been enjoying in the past month! 
*Picture featured above is mine. 

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