July 14, 2017

I had first heard about Farm Girl on Tanya Burr's blog, and thought what a wonderful looking place. I was popping down to Notting Hill to visit the Portobello Road Market and decided that I would go to Farm Girl for some lunch. I had visited the cafe on a very hot and sunny Tuesday and thankfully it hadn't been busy at all. After my visit I had read some reviews, and many had been discussing how they had waited almost up to an hour to have a seat!

The cafe, overall is very small but airy and open with seats also outside if you prefer. The menu consisted of almost all dishes being either dairy or gluten free. There were lots to choose from such as salads, wraps and sandwiches and a long drinks menu with the likes of rose, charcoal and matcha lattes.

I had tried chai tea for the first time, which I had found absolutely delicious and opted for the Berry Pancakes ( yes pancakes for lunch because why the hell not ) which were gluten-free, and topped with maple syrup, peppermint, strawberries and coconut shavings. I had also ordered a side of coconut bacon because I had been hearing a lot about it and wanted to try some. Complimentary to the meal was a large jug of cucumber water which was perfectly refreshing for the extremely hot weather on that day.

I would love to go back and try more of their food. I especially think the cafe is great if you just want to pop in for a coffee and cake. They had so many gluten-free cakes to choose from on display, and I was very tempted to get one but too full up on pancakes!

Have you been to Farm Girl?
Apologies for the crappy quality picture. The lighting was quite bad!

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