January 27, 2018


For me, personally, I would choose skincare over make-up any day. A good base creates a good canvas, and therefore a better piece of art. I'm really into skincare products as there are so many out there to try, and it can always be a hit and miss situation. It really helps if you know your skin type because you can then search for products that suit you and your needs, but whatever I've been doing to my skin right now has been working like a charm. ( I could do with that extra glow, but maybe I just need more sleep! ) 

January 18, 2018


My diet is starting to get slightly back on track after overly self-indulging in sweet treats and Pre-Christmas, Christmas, and Post-Christmas food lol. I don't think I can stomach chocolate for a while ( even though, I did have a little bit of chocolate cake the other day, sorry not sorry ), but the thought makes me feel a bit ill. I'm stunned that January is almost very nearly over, it literally just begun!! My 2018 has started marvellously, with lots of fearless decision making and many opportunities taken. How has your 2018 started off?

I need to update a lot of little things on here, and hopefully I will get to it soon. In general I'm finding it really hard to balance my time, and I certainly need to read up on ways to schedule properly and appropriately. That being said, I wanted to create a mood board to set the tone of this year. For me, this is a representation of good food, good relationships, good atmosphere and good fashion. All goodness – that's my aim.

I have set aside a few goals which are mainly quite personal, but I can pinpoint a few amongst many others, which are: consuming less animal products and shopping from smaller businesses. Let me know below if there are any goals you've made for this year!

I've also created a little playlist to help skim through the rest of January, and will probably leave this up until it starts to get annoying. It's mainly a collection of songs that have been ridiculously stuck in my head or have endlessly been on repeat. You can listen here if you have spotify.

By the way, is anyone keeping up with Men's Fashion Week? What's been your fav show so far? 

lots and lots of love

January 03, 2018


You were a jumble of mishaps, 'what ifs' and 'buts' and 'maybes'. You were ungrateful at times, making me feel things I didn't want to feel, and putting me in situations I didn't necessarily want to find myself in. At some points, you were making me run for my life, physically and mentally. You made me question myself constantly, you torn me into pieces and threw me up into the air, made me sew myself back together again. You were like the sun on my back, distant but always there: waving me goodbye and also good morning.

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