April 10, 2018

I want to keep this somewhat short and sweet because I've tried to write this post multiple times and for whatever reason I can't seem to piece my words together, even though I know exactly what I'm trying to say. I wanted to discuss the act of letting yourself go, because this is something that I've been practising since the end of 2017, and by doing so I have realised how much of a flourish this can truly be. 

 I've been glorifying the power of undressing yourself mentality, and undoing the standards that we are subject to believe in. I have feared self-expression in all its forms because of the insecurity I have felt, and by the way in which we are told to live: what is right, what is wrong, what to do and what not to do etc.

I want to neglect the idea of validation, and the desire that we have, to constantly fit into a crowd of normality. There is a quote that Van Gogh had stated which is ' Normality is a paved road. It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.' I think what Van Gogh is trying to say, is that: there is fear and there is life, you can live more than comfortably in fear, but to truly live, is to let go.

When I find myself in fearful situations or when I'm questioning my instincts, I remind myself that I am in complete control over the way in which I think and feel, which helps me break down my own boundaries. I feel that by letting myself go, I've been able to fall deeply within myself and explore many outlets of creativity but also view how inviting life can be when you're able to hold your own hand.

By letting go of fear, change and embarrassment, I've been able to grasp a better understanding of my surroundings, of others and certain situations, and live in a much more fulfilling way. With letting yourself go, comes a sense of realisation that living up to a certain expectation/form of perfection is sometimes not worth the aggravation it can cause, and its important to embrace yourself in all its glory.

As a whole, I feel that I can be a very reserved individual, and by letting myself go in ways such as being more experimental, spontaneous and voicing more of my opinion ( such as this blog post ), I've been able to discover more of who I am, and also distinguish better relationships with others.

I think the wonders of life start within you, when you're able to find the strength to be rather than become.

Explore yourself, your vulnerabilities, evoke, express. Be you, authentically and wholeheartedly and let the rest follow.

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