April 16, 2018

I'm so so sad to write this post but due to recent events, I've been left to throw away 98% of my makeup and skincare. Welp. Last Sunday morning, I had woken to find the right side of my face almost entirely covered in cuts, scabbing and blisters, which left ya girl shook. It was later on, that I had found out that my skin had most likely reacted to the products that I had used the night before, which had caused an inconvenient and not very pretty skin infection.

I find it a coincidence that life has thrown this experience toward me, shortly after I had published my 'Letting Yourself Go' post, it's rather humorous. I've been giving off the aroma of antiseptic and self-pity, and trying to avoid outdoor life as much as possible this week, unless I'm wrapped in a thick scarf. Such is life.

As I was advised to throw away the majority of my beauty products and give everything a good disinfecting, I was diving deep into my makeup draw, questioning why and how I was so attached, but also realising that a lot of the products I've been using aren't items that I'm thoroughly obsessed with. Some things I was more than happy to throw away, and some items were barely touched, like a couple who are in constant despair but can't bare to depart from one another. My MAC Velvet Teddy was a product I rediscovered again this year, and have been wearing it non-stop. I'm so distraught to see it go. I'll get u back babe. It's not over for us.

Prior to me travelling in a couple of days, this has given me to the time to furthur detach myself from artificialness, and also prep myself for a skincare and makeup cleanse. Whilst I'm on vacation, I plan to step away from the products, not only to help my skin recover from its ordeal, but also embrace more of my natural self and the state of 'letting myself go', which I had explained in my previous post.

I wouldn't usually pack many beauty products on a trip away, just the bare essentials, but as I no longer even have my 'essentials', I'm finding this experience quite rebellious and empowering. I highly doubt I'll be purchasing products whilst I'm away because I'm fearful of getting more skin complications. You guys and gals know I have very sensitive skin, because I've mentioned this countless of times. It's given me a deeper hindsight into what ingredients I'm really putting onto my skin, the importance of throwing away makeup that is either old or no longer gets used, investing into items that you know you can't live a day without, as well as making sure to thoroughly clean makeup brushes to avoid any problems!!

I don't wear much makeup as it is, but I have developed a strong interest in beauty over the years and enjoy spending my time reading into the subject and keeping up with the industry. It's sad to see a collection that I have built disappear and literally watch my money get thrown into the bin, but it has made me come to more realisation that makeup is not a necessity and should remain a way of expression and not oppression. Although, I have gone through a series of unfortunate events, I'm happy to have learnt more from the situation.

I definitely want to document how my cleanse goes, so hopefully I will be publishing a post on the topic in the next few weeks. 

Have you had similar problems with your beauty/skincare products? 

*Picture and product featured above are mine. 


  1. I love a good cleanse and getting rid of the old products!

    1. It's definitely needed!
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have a lovely day xxx


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