June 11, 2018

I've gone makeup free for almost 2 whole months now (other than pops of lipstick) and this entire process had me questioning a lot. Thinking to myself that, 'isn't it weird that not wearing makeup can been seen more unusual than actually wearing makeup?' How we're encouraged by marketing schemes that by using certain products we develop into more desirable and beautiful individuals. That by following whatever beauty trends that are current you become.. more attractive? The dependence that we have on makeup to make us feel better, more structured within our day to day lives, or a form of escapism from our true selves. All very deep things to think about, but as an individual who has been wearing makeup from her early teens, I suppose this was a wake up that was needed. 

If you read my post on skin complications ( read here ), you will know that I didn't go makeup free by choice, it was more of a situation where it was best and needed. In all honesty, not something I would've done for fun unless highly persuaded lol. My poor skin went through a whale of a ride, healing itself from the infection that came back, one or two weeks into being on vacation, adjusting to the prickling heat of Thailand, the capital city's unforgiving pollution, and being stripped away from any skincare products. I had seen a dermatologist, who had told me that what had caused the infection was a particular type of eczema, triggered by lack of sleep and stress which turned nasty.

So, instead of being self-absorbed within my own appearance, worrying about painting my face, or how I would look on particular days, I focused on my physical and mental health, tending to what my body needs and wants, and being more observant into the foods that made me feel good and not so good. I researched into probiotics, gut health, foods to avoid whilst having eczema prone skin, multivitamins, supplements, and not to underestimate the power of a good nights sleep, hydration and hella fruit!!!!

I've learnt throughout this process, that yes, I can definitely be self-concious about my appearance, and yes makeup can make me feel better about myself but by breaking away from 'social standards' and having the ability to love ourselves for our authenticity, this is far more empowering than reaching for a temporary confidence booster. By going on a 'beauty product cleanse,' I've been able to look through flaws that I previously found in myself, and be more comfortable and less fearful of leaving the house barefaced. ( I actually prefer not wearing makeup, because it means I don't need to go through the whole process of taking it off at the end of the day ). Makeup is no longer a necessity, but more of a luxury. Due to the lack of products that I've used on my face, my skin is naturally glowy, my eyelashes are longer, my eyebrows are thicker and I feel as if my lips have got plumper.

I am slowly trying to rebuild my makeup collection. I don't feel that I'm currently at a point in my life where makeup no longer serves me and that I won't ever need to use it anymore, maybe someday I will reach that stage. However, I am taking into more consideration where I'm purchasing my products, e.g if they are from cruelty-free brands, vegan, natural, organic etc. I also want to be able to build and maintain a very minimal collection with items that I truly love and use on a daily basis, if necessary.

Would you ever go on a makeup cleanse?

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