September 19, 2018

souk delights

i ended up buying a majority ( if not everything ) from the moroccan souks. i mainly bought gifts to bring home, which included spices and tea, solid perfume and argan oil. i wanted to share with you, 3 of the main items that i purchased, which you can tell from the picture, are fashion and beauty related.

September 15, 2018


6am flight - yawn. slightly blurred but the moon was peeping through.

who would've thought that i'd be basking in the heat, sipping french martinis next a rooftop pool, and riding a camel through the desert during sundown? not me. but i'm hella grateful that i was, and able to. marrakech was a place that i dreamed of visiting for quite sometime. i would always come across amazing photos on tumblr and pinterest, and had set aside morocco on my travel bucket list. to finally visit was bewildering, and the 3 hour flight from london to menara airport was an easy breeze, as i was asleep for the entire journey. the taxi drove us from the airport to hotel, and we had passed sunbathing camels along the way. we stayed for 6 days, and i'll be sharing pics from my travels in upcoming posts.

hope you enjoy! xxx

lunch time - greek salad and salmon tagliatelle accompanied by a cosmo and french martini.

pretty chandelier from the hotel.

*Pictures featured above are mine. 

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