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September 19, 2018

i ended up buying a majority ( if not everything ) from the moroccan souks. i mainly bought gifts to bring home, which included spices and tea, solid perfume and argan oil. i wanted to share with you, 3 of the main items that i purchased, which you can tell from the picture, are fashion and beauty related.

pom-pom makeup bag: the bazaars and small boutiques had a lot of items with pom-poms, from earrings to shoes. some that were crossbody bags, basket bags with pom-poms of all different sizes, colours, embroidery and slogans. i decided on a small make-up bag, which could either be transformed into a clutch, possibly even a pencil case. it's most likely that i will use this for make-up when travelling.

basket bag: we all know that basket bags have been really in trend for quite a while now. there were plenty to choose from, and significantly a lot cheaper than purchasing one in the UK. basket bags, in general, are such dainty accessories, and they really have that 'picnic with grandma' / 'going strawberry picking' aesthetic. excited to pair this with a lot of my clothing.

orient body cream with shea butter: there was a cute lil boutique situated in the main part of the souk with all sorts of skincare and body care items. (i don't remember the name, but its worth a visit). further down the souk was their sister company, which sold candles and diffusers. a lot of the items in the boutique were by a brand called le sens du marrakech. i'm still unsure whether they sell in the UK, or if they have any stockists that do. the sales assistant was extremely helpful and talked me through the orient body cream, which has shea butter and argan oil. they had an entire selection with products fragranced with patchouli. i loooove patchouli, so it was no surprise that i would buy something from the range. i've already used the cream, its scent is long lasting and quite strong. the formula itself, is quite rich, so best recommend if you have dry skin like i do.

what have you purchased recently, that you're loving?

*Picture and products featured above are mine. 

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