October 09, 2018

I had a lovely discussion with Hannah – one of the founders of newly launched Hugo's Chocolate Club, and she had told me that Hugo's main focus is ensuring that the chocolate is of the right flavour, and from the right producers. They offer British artisan chocolate delivered straight to your door, and who doesn't love chocolate? You're able to subscribe monthly, or either with a three, six, or twelve month membership. I'm super excited to partner with them, and get an insight into what the company is about. Subscription boxes are extremely in trend right now, but I haven't personally seen anything specifically catered toward just chocolate, and I was left very intrigued. 

The box is letterbox size, it's of a sturdy material. There is no excess packaging which is good if you're eco-concious. Inscribed on the front is the company logo, and when you pull off the stickers, inside you find, 4 glorious bars, waiting to be unwrapped. There is also a booklet included, with info on each of the chocolate bars,and details about the producers. I love finding and learning about smaller brands, so participating in a subscription box with the likes of this one, is ideal for me. 

September's box included:

Duffy's Fine Milk Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt
I love love love salted chocolates. Salted caramel is especially one of my favourites to indulge in. The bar is half-moulded and sprinkled with oak smoked salt and cocoa nibs before the moulding is complete. The beans used to produce the chocolate, come from a small farm called Camino Verde Cacao, which is nestled in the Guayas region of Ecuador. I especially love the packaging of this bar, you really savour the moments whilst opening, and inside you can find a few pointers about the company. The chocolate itself, is of course sweet at first and the saltiness coming through after. 

Kneals Raspberry Delight
Dark chocolate filled with a raspberry ganache and finished with a sprinkling of dried raspberries to add intensity to the flavour. Kneals is a Birmingham based producer run between a husband and wife. I was actually very uncertain about this one, because I don't take well to chocolates with fruit flavourings, and I'm not particularly fond of ganache. However, this bar is crunchy on the outside, soft and oozy in the middle with a lovely ganache consistency, it's not too sweet, but sweet enough, and you have a slight sourness from the dried raspberry topping. Being fruit infused it's not overpowering with raspberry, but you do get the taste of it.

Coco Chocolatier Honey Milk Chocolate
I'm very familiar with Coco's chocolate bars, not because I've tried their products, but because their packaging is unmissable. I enjoy honey, but I had found this chocolate bar, a little bit too forceful with the honey flavouring. However, it's consistency is smooth and enjoyable. It's definitely one for those with a sweeter tooth. Coco's premium bars use South American cocoa before being produced in their Edinburgh workshops.

The Chocolate Cottage Eton Mess and Lemon Meringue Bites
Located in the Lake District, The Chocolate Cottage use locally sourced produce for their creations.
Again, I found these little bites, a bit too sweet and a bit too creamy for me. Although the chocolates look small, they definitely pack a punch in flavour. Heavily filled with a thick filling and topped with meringue chunks, which I loved the crunch of. 

Out of all four, I would have to say that my favourite would be Kneals Raspberry Delight.
Thank you so much to Hannah and Ed for partnering with me!

You can find Hugo's Chocolate Club here.
*Picture and product featured above are mine. 

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