Sustainable Christmas Ideas

December 01, 2018

Christmas is, undoubtedly one of the most magical and exciting times of the year. As we've now swooped into December, we're preparing for the chaotic last minute gift shopping, filling our tummies with mince pies, and snuggling up to thick knitted blankets whilst Home Alone is on repeat. We wanted to show you ways of being more eco-conscious and sustainable during the Christmas period, without being a Scrooge.

DIY Decorations
There's something special about handmade Christmas decorations, and if you have children this can be a wonderful way to get everyone into the spirit. DIY decorations can be a marvellous way of making seasonal memories, and can be handed down for generations to come. Not only this, but there are some incredibly easy ways to make and create decorations. Using natural elements, such as pine cones or branches, twigs and leaves make a super cosy and rustic feel. Think – paper or dried fruit garlands, homemade wreaths, and hanging paper decorations.

Wrap Smart
Brown paper packages, tied up with strings. Believe it or not, most wrapping paper is not recyclable, due to its dying and lamination. Each year 5000 football fields worth of wrapping paper goes to landfill. Wrap smart by opting for newspaper, or brown paper. You could even go paper-free by trying the Japanese Fusoshiki technique using reusable fabric, or placing your gifts in reusable tote bags.

Food Waste
It's no doubt that with Christmas, comes a banquet of endless self-indulging in snacks, and scrumptious foods. Although, excessive buying of food that gets abandoned, uneaten or can quickly go out of date, end up in the trash. Plan accordingly, and buy food in small quantities to ensure that no food goes to waste this Christmas.

Purchase Small
Purchasing from local brands, fair trade companies and businesses, is a wonderful way to support smaller companies during the seasonal period. Not only are you contributing to a hard working brand with a cause, you may find something more catered toward the person you're purchasing for, sightly more unique presents and gifts, than in your generic high street store or website. It's really a win win situation.

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