How To Achieve Clear Skin

February 02, 2019

Achieving clear, healthy and youthful skin can sometimes be a difficult task, and although make up can be a quick easy fix on hiding your problem areas, it doesn't solve or prevent breakouts and acne – additionally, it can make it worse. There are endless products on the market that promote clear skin with instant results, and although products can and do help, it's important to narrow down the steps that you need to consider before achieving the results that you want.

Knowing Your Skin Type
The first and most important step to archiving clearer skin, is to determine your skin type. Do you get persistently oily, dry and flaky, extremely sensitive or a combination of all three? Are there problem areas that you want to tackle, such as acne scars, blackheads or large pores? When you distinguish this, you can then proceed to find products that are best suited for you. Natural homemade methods are quick and easy, and lots of recipes involve simple ingredients that you may already have.

Paying attention to what you feed your body, additionally helps with developing clearer skin. Having a balanced diet and making sure you're getting enough nutrients and vitamins is vital. There's no need to ban fast foods entirely, but to simply enjoy in moderation. You may notice that some specific foods can trigger breakouts, for example, dairy is commonly know to throw your hormonal balance off, due to how cow's are treated with artificial hormones in the dairy industry. Distinguish, which foods make you feel good, and stay away from the ones that don't.

Skincare Routines
Putting time aside for when you wake up and before you go to bed, to care for your skin, can quickly aid any blemishes, spots and breakouts. Typically, a standard skincare routine consists of a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, with the added exfoliator, choice of serum or oil, and sunscreen. It's encouraged that you create a simple routine with only a few products, to prevent excessive application as well as the clash of product ingredients. It's important to remember that once introducing new products into your routine, you may or may not see instant results, so be consistent until you have a final verdict.

Finding The Right Products
Skincare is very much trial and error, you may find that what you use on your face works brilliantly and becomes a cult favourite of yours that you'll purchase time after time, or a product that is amazing within the first few weeks of use, but quickly becomes a no no. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. There's no need to splash cash on expensive products that promise results, unless you want to invest, drugstore buys can equally be just as good. As there are so many products on the market, test the waters. You may be strictly into natural products with organic ingredients, items that are cruelty-free, or luxury brands, whatever you're into, be experimental!

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*Image found on Pinterest, but illustrated and edited by Katria.

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