Spilling The Tea On Freelancing ☕

February 23, 2019

September of last year, I had quit my current job to freelance on a full time basis. It was quite a spontaneous jump, but most of my career choices and experiences had been leading up to the very moment of being my own boss, and it was terrifying. An achievement to finally reach the stage of having my own business meetings, sending my own invoices and meeting like minded individuals. However, I feel that becoming a freelancer is incredibly glamorised, and although freelancing has its many benefits e.g being able to stay in your pyjamas all day, working the hours you want to work and distinguishing your own rates, no one emphasises the hardships that come with being your own boss.

The struggle can be reeeeal, and although no one said it would be easy, no one mentions how difficult it can truly be. As a fellow freelancer, I want to spill the tea on the experiences that I’ve had, and what to think about if you decide that freelancing is for you. Obviously, all experiences are different and I only speak on my own behalf, also note that I've not been doing this for years and years, I'm still very much a newbie. I currently specialise in the digital marketing industry, which means that all of my work is done on a laptop.

I rarely see anyone until the weekend rolls around. Most, if not everyone that I know has a career in a work place that is the usual 9-5, which means that catching up and making plans can sometimes be difficult. Working from home means that there is a lack of communication with others, because for the majority of the time, you're by yourself. There are options to go to co-working spaces, and cafes, but the entirety of the working experience can be incredibly lonely.

When becoming a freelancer there can be a lot of uncertainty. Work load can fluctuate dependant on the client, which can also mean the same with your income. Some clients can be unreliable in terms of paying you on time, and like many other industries and businesses, people don't always get back to you. You can pitch the most elaborate strategy plan, have a wonderful business meeting, you're completely ready to get the ball rolling on both ends and then suddenly, the client no longer wants to carry on with their business, or they may no longer have sufficient funds. Anything can happen, and it's always best to be prepared for whatever the outcome.

You and your business are entirely up to you. This can be a positive and/or negative aspect when you work for yourself, because essentially, you're your own finance department, marketing department, HR department etc. You create your own income, you achieve your own clients, and you work the required hours that you wish to work. You can easily drop in and out of something, but all roles are managed by you alone, unless you have a business partner or individuals that work for you. Being in control in terms of your work load, can give you a sense of freedom, but can also be quite stressful when you're trying to manage everything at once.

Working for yourself isn't always easy breezy, and although there are many positive aspects and rewards that come with freelancing, it can be stressful and isolated. Freelancing requires a lot of patience and stability, as well as positive thinking and ambition.

Are you a freelancer? If so, share with us some of the experiences you've had, or tips that you would give others.


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