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March 16, 2019

This has been a hot topic of discussion in my life recently, and if you've seen one of my recent Instagram posts in which I discuss how the overuse of social media can cause an array of negative thought habits, then you'll already know that I've been on/off social media for quite some time. I decided to take a break before the Christmas period, and since then, absolutely not been using any platform as much as I usually would have. For me, this has been such a relief, of not being so invested into other's lives, and endlessly wasting time in overkilled meme culture (yes, I said it, I think it's overkilled), and also the overthinking of whether my content is good enough etc.

I've felt that Instagram has become a breeding ground for unrealistic standards, destructive ego boosting, and unnecessary comparison. I want to emphasise highly, that what you see on social media, is a tiny tiny fragment of someone else's life, an edited glimpse, and only a projection of a) what they want to show you and b) only the good. Of course, by constantly viewing content that is, in all honestly, not 100% real, it's no wonder that social media can cause a strain on mental health, such as sleep deprivation and the development of anxiety.

In my opinion, the entirety of Instagram culture has become ridiculous. To be viewed in a certain way, with worth and acceptance determined by follower or like count has become such a norm, and it frustrates me that, a lot of us are SO invested in platforms that should be fun, light hearted and NOT SERIOUS. Social media should be an inspiring and safe place, that brings others together, and not a disconnection between worth and value, through something as little as an Insta like.

Social Media has been a wonderful gate way into many of my interests, and as someone who has and currently uses social media professionally, I still feel it's essential for companies and brands to have social media platforms in order to connect, sell and engage. But from a personal AND blogging perspective, the over sharing is a drag, the constant posting is annoying, the 'need' and pressure to be making content 24/7 to keep an audience entertained is tiring, and trying to remain or increase followers and engagement can sometimes be frustrating.

The pressure to look good on social media needs to stop, and a lot of my conversations with others, include them, entirely agreeing that they feel social media is a toxic place, and can be a strain on their self-esteem, and how they feel as a person. It can be damaging to relationships, friendships, your thought processes, and how you feel about yourself. I encourage you to take a break, delete the apps, and step away if you feel that the use is becoming negative or toxic.

I don't hate social media, but my views on social platforms are changing.
What are your thoughts?

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